Our Objective is to find new and innovative ways of more effective mass communication about the benefits of science, but also about areas of concern to the general public and to ensure continuity, sustainability and consistent coverage of science and development issues as they arise. Our Objectives include:

  • Enhance awareness on environmental, health, agricultural and sustainable development issues through simple and easy to understand stories and messages.
  • Carry out investigative writing on the enactment and implementation of appropriate environmental, health, agricultural and developmental policies and laws and respect for human rights.
  • Network and exchange information with like-minded organizations, research institutes, scientists and stakeholders with a view of improving science communication in the region.
  • Liaise with stakeholders to fund and foster training among communicators on science writing.
  • Serve as a focal point and hub of information and expertise in agriculture, environment, health and development issues.
  • Advocate for accurate, balanced and development friendly communication of environmental, health and sustainable development issues.


To create an informed and empowered population conscious of emerging issues in agriculture, environment and health issues in Kenya and the region.